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G.E.M.S. Consulting, LLC provides personalized professional development based on the needs of the school district, teachers, students, and community.


We offer the following:


GEMS Consulting LLC offers a variety of research-informed professional development workshops with the latest tools and techniques to support educators, enhance instruction, and increase leadership skills. Below are just a few of the professional development sessions that GEMS has offered. All sessions are tailored to the needs of the client. 

◦ Self-Care Action Plan

◦ Trauma Informed Instruction/ Trauma Informed Approach to Teaching

◦ Team Building and Collaboration

◦ Social Emotional Learning for Educators

◦ Effective Hybrid Learning and Distance Learning

◦ Family Engagement

◦ The Playbook for Operating an Effective After-School Program/ After-School


◦ Diversity in Learning

◦ Help I’m Falling and I Can’t Get Up (Emergency Toolkit for Educators)

◦ Best Practices for Teaching in Universities

◦ Re-Imagining Teaching

◦ Literacy Teaching, Learning, Approaching, and Pedagogies

◦ Creating and Implementing Effective Curriculum K-12 or Higher Education

◦ College and Career Readiness

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GEMS Consulting LLC offers personalized workshops to meet your needs.  All workshops are designed to help support the implementation of specific procedures, strategies, or activities to advance educators' teaching skills.


Our workshops positively influence career growth and add value for school districts.  We combine professional facilitation with an engaging and dynamic approach to learning and retention with all of our workshops. Each workshop offers valuable learning opportunities and tools to support career development and growth.

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We provide high-quality mentoring and instructional coaching practices both virtually and onsite. 

◦ Diagnose mentee needs

◦ Coach mentees to improve

◦ Measure progress


GEMS Consulting LLC uses qualitative and quantitative data to diagnose and prioritize mentees’ strengths and areas for growth. GEMS develops mentees' knowledge and skills in content and content-specific pedagogical techniques, classroom management, and self-reflection habits. 


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Need help developing your educational program?

GEMS Consulting LLC will provide a customized curriculum tailored for your program’s vision and goals. 

◦Develop and implement a teaching plan with stimulating lessons designed to

  meet the educational standards of the program, school, and/or district

◦ Conduct research specific to the curriculum

◦ Create  curricula

◦ Work with educators & administrators to implement curricula

◦ Recommend changes, revisions, and additions

◦ Teaching techniques

◦ New technologies

◦ Curriculum monitoring/evaluation (Tests, examinations, and other formal and

   informal assessments to gauge the effectiveness of curriculums)

◦ Curriculum Training (K-12)

◦ Curriculum Training (Higher Education)


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Professional development

"Our job is not to prepare students for something. Our job is to help  students prepare themselves for anything." 

A.J. Juliani

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